John & Maggie winter elopment in Florence

*So you get your wedding pictures and you post them on Facebook, send them to your friends or just pass them along and you expect the same, “oh, they look great, what a wonderful wedding”.  But that’s not the reception we received when we passed along the coverage of our special event.  What we received was overwhelming.  “Blown Away”, “This looks like a magazine cover”, and “Stunning”.  The thing is, it wasn’t us, it was the photographer, it was all Lelia Scarfiotti, and she is so wonderfully talented.  From start to finish she exhibited both a professional side, which created a sense of security, as well as a side that became friendly, which put us at ease.  And we think the friendly side is what you see in the pictures, a natural side that only a few people can produce.  Lelia simply put, made things easy.  She was easy to work with, she was easy to speak to, she was easy with suggestions, she was just easy, and I can’t imagine a better compliment.   Well, that is until we received the photos and then the compliment of easy transformed into artisan.  The photos were amazing, breathe taking, and somehow natural.  Yes, in an environment that is so forced, she not only made us feel at ease, but had the ability to capture our comfort and true happiness.  It was not only a pleasure to work with Lelia, but it will be a pleasure for the next 50 years to view her work and get lost in the joy she captured.
John & Maggie